— C — (on ignored probabilities)

IMG_2472When arguing for the resurrection, Christian leaders often focus on the probabilities of the following:

  • P( Those who allegedly died for testifying to the resurrection were not lying )
  • P( The body of Jesus was not stolen )
  • P( The body of Jesus was not misplaced )
  • P( The account of the resurrection was not fabricated years after the life of Jesus )

However, the most essential probability they ignore is the probability of their own explanation.

  • P( A dead person resurrected )

When asked about they probability of a human rising from the dead they typically have no approximate probability to offer.

In spite of ignoring the probability of a dead person resurrecting, a probability essential to a calculation of the final probability for the resurrection, they will then claim that the resurrection is the most likely explanation for the minimal facts.

It is mathematically absurd to claim X is more likely than Y when missing one of the relevant probabilities.

The visual on below highlights this blunder of ignoring critical probabilities with a hypothetical featuring Abraham Lincoln.



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