IMG_2472This collection of arguments is the product of many individuals over many years examining positions for and against the Christian God and related beliefs as understood and expressed by mainstream Christian denominations. While the editors will remain anonymous, it can be rightly assumed that many of them were former ministers in a variety of mainstream Christian denominations, and possess a deep understanding of the Bible, many competent in its original languages.

The primary target audience for this collection of arguments are Christians who wish to honestly examine or reexamine their beliefs. If you feel some of the arguments do not represent your your understanding of biblical doctrine very accurately or charitably, we ask that you simply skip these arguments. It is not our intent to offend or misrepresent, but to only stimulate thought. If you are confident that you have honestly and rationally assessed your beliefs against counter-arguments, then we are content to have you retain your beliefs. Since it was an honest assessment of our beliefs that brought the editors of this book out of Christianity, we can ask no more than that of you. If nothing else, a careful reading and assessment of the arguments in the following pages will allow you to be certain your Christian beliefs are coherent in your own mind.

In addition to reading the arguments with a truly open mind, it is also recommended that the Christian reader commit to examining only the arguments alone rather than the implications of the conclusions of those arguments. From your perspective, a universe without a god may seem dark and inhospitable. The perception of undesirable consequences often result in a defensive stance that makes even the most coherent argument against God appear unacceptable. For this reason we hope that you reflect on the arguments alone.

It is expected that these arguments will also be read by many non-Christians who will need to fight the impulse to aggressively wave them in the face of Christians. While it is true that some Christians wield their own arguments in a confrontational way, a more gentle and compassionate approach will likely be much more productive in the long run. Many Christians have not yet had a chance to sit down and honestly assess what they believe. Perhaps a humble suggestion to Christians to read through the arguments and to then engage you in a friendly dialogue on the points would be more productive.

Whether you are a Christian or a non-Christian, it is hoped that you’ll find the arguments precise and coherent. The editors are claiming neither infallibility nor divine inspiration. Feedback on blunders and weaknesses is much appreciated.

You can either read the web version starting with Chapter #01, or you can download the PDF version of the book.